Rita Schouppe-Moons genomineerd tot MSA Health Activist Hero

Op 15 september 2016, over deze onderwerpen: Andersvalide & minder mobiele personen

Health Activist Hero. 
Sometimes the connections we make in online communities go above and beyond, truly changing our lives for the better. Is there a Health Activist you know whose content has opened your eyes, whose dedication has ignited the advocate within you, and whose work has accomplished things for their community members? Which Health Activist is nothing short of a hero to those they reach? They are the epitome of a Health Activist because they do whatever it takes to make a real difference – and they are. 

Give Back to Those Who Inspire You
Who are some of the outstanding Health Activists who enrich the lives of others by sharing their experience, knowledge and strength? Nominate them for a WEGO Health Activist Award.

Nominate those exceptional Health Activists who make a difference in the lives of patients and caregivers. They say it is an honor just to be nominated, but we think the honor is all in the nominating itself!

 "Ritje declared October 3 as World Multiple System Atrophy Day in 2010 and has worked tirelessly to promote this. Because of Ritje we all light candles at 8pm so the unbroken chain of light travels around the world hour by hour. Collectively we count miles walked and attempt to circle the globe. All to symbolize our unity in the fight against MSA".   — Pam

Pam Bower
Board of Directors - Secretary 

The Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Coalition

9935-D Rea Road, #212 
Charlotte, NC 28277 


Ritje MSA Awareness Ambassador

Health Activist

I Have a Dream ... find a Cure for MSA; the promise I made to my beloved JiePie. … When JiePie sensed that time was no longer on his side … he said Ritje .... I got a mission for you … you need to fight our fight … against the disease MSA.
. Multiple System Atrophy, … his disease …he needed me to continue and contribute so that a cure can be found. 

I made him that promise … a hard promise. But I feel that he is somehow still here. I feel his support, his presence. 
In moments of despair I feel he is like a pat on my shoulder, saying “
don’t give up, you are doing a great job”, World MSA Day - JiePie Award for MSA Research - Miracles for MSA - Walk around the World for MSA



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